Everyone has a story, about one person or about many or may be about the entire world , which they hold on forever, which they never let anyone have a glimpse of, the one for which they can never gather enough courage to share. Because if they do, it is going to swirl down a hurricane of emotions. All those little emotions which they loved and equally hated, all the tears shed alone, all the smiles which once found a place on their face, all the complaints they made to themselves, all the giggles that twisted down their nerves, all the pain, all the joy, all the dreams and all the desires, every little emotion stringed up as one, they hold it within. If they let it out it would erupt like a volcano. And the fear disasters, so they hold it within, NOW AND FOREVER

– Antra Chauhan


35 thoughts on “Mystery within

  1. I think one day people will be quoting your words like they do ‘Rumi’ now.
    You should get your words copyright, well again who cares, I believe you are an amazing soul already.

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