He is special too

Dedicated to each and every guy out there…You’re special and Thankyou



Hello beautiful girls out there!

May I have a minute of your time? I know you’re too generous and you’ll allow me right. So take a moment off and think about all the guys who have made you feel special anytime in any ways possible. May be your guy friend who dared to knock the door being aware of your infuriated mood, cracked the worst jokes ever, bitched a lil about the people you don’t really like(Ooops! I mean the ones who don’t really like you :p) and still somehow managed to make you smile or like really laugh. Your boyfriend or your husband or any person you are romantically in love with who surprised you with absolutely unexpected dinner dates, flowers, chocolates or something as simply amazing as whispering sweet lil love notes right into your ears. Your dad, your very own santa who knows what’s there on his little princess’s wishlist so right without ever being explicitly told about it (you keep dropping hints, ofcourse :D). Your brother who would say ten mean things to you but wouldn’t hear even half a mean thing about you. Every stranger you passed by who has smiled at you, who has been just an extra sensitive and careful towards you, just because you are a girl, this amazing girl, and ofcourse you deserve it. But they deserve it too. So reach out to each such guy you know and tell him that he is equally adorable, equally lovable, equally worth it, equally special. Go! He’s waiting! Just go!
You’re welcome :))



37 thoughts on “He is special too

  1. The pic is beautiful but your gratitude towards men is much more wonderful.
    Just too beautiful to touch the hearts of those who are really concerned about you and every other girl out there.

    Keep going great Antra.πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

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      1. Errr! You still didn’t get it kewal! See your name is great but I can’t judge it from your name whether to dedicate this thing to you which has been written for men specifically πŸ˜€


  2. I mean.. I get it.πŸ˜„
    I was just trying to appreciate your quality for appreciating men for their concern and efforts to make the girls in their life smile and be truly concerned about them for every little thing.πŸ˜ƒ

    Am I still not getting it right?

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      1. Haha! Its not about the post part! Its about the comment section! Okaiee listen! See- 1. This has been posted for Men 2. xyz is a man
        Hence it has been dedicated to xyz
        Can I dedicate this to you??? (tooo funnyy now :p)


  3. OK you are now officially a Lady Rumi !
    I am your fan now.

    When a writer can put him/herself in the shoes of others and experience all the feelings, express them profoundly, that is when those words reflect and shape the society.

    I am thinking – Gitanjali – Rabindranath Tagore here.
    (P.S. I am going to keep poking you for comments, suggestions to various blogs)

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    1. Your words have given me wings…and I’m all ready to fly…..it feels damn amazing to know that your words could leave an imprint on others…and Thankyou sooo much for making me feel so celebrated :))

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      1. Your words will always be cherished…It was extremely amazing to have you go through my work and to connect to it that amazingly..truly….lots of smiles your way :))

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