Insides vs me #2


Lol!! I just got an idea :p


36 thoughts on “Insides vs me #2

    1. Haha! Happens with me quite often..and later I try too hard to recollect but guess what? Ofcourse I fail and sit back cursing myself..that’s why I let this highschool teacher kinda strict brain rule over me as it saves me later :p Thankyou for going through it :))

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      1. Haha! Till the time I hold those ‘million dollar :p’ ideas, I can picture myself with a wonderfully jewelled crown sitting on a throne, and by the time I lose them I become a robbed off loser in my eyes already 😀

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      1. haha!! Procrastination is soooo human….Do not worry, you aren’t alone :p (but Yeahh its always better to work on one’s determination, bit by bit you’ll) :))

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