A Note to Self ❤

Self love is all we need.

Dear self
This is to tell you that every bit of me loves you, loves you alot, and loves you more than anyone in this world or any world possible. You are amazing..and you are beautiful. Your eyes,are my fav part of you. Not for just the way they look but for how they see, the way they capture such amazing glimpses for me to cherish forever, the way they twinkle, the way they express- love, anger, curiosity, despair and everything possible. And those long undone tresses that flow down like waves….the way you shake your head and it tickles down your back- you giggle right? I giggle with you too. I am the lucky one to see all the seen and unseen versions of you. The way you’ve cried for the littlest things and stood strong through the fiercest blows, all the silent prayers that you make for the ones you love, and all the mischiefs, secrets, ideas, smiles and tears that hit you- nothing of it is hidden from me, my love! My eyes are always on you and my heart always with you, and will always be- Yes Forever. It’s not your journey, it’s our journey. And no matter who is there and who isn’t, I’m always going to be there FOR YOU, not next to you but inside you. Thankyou for all the amazingness shared :))
                                                              With Love

84 thoughts on “A Note to Self ❤

      1. I m finding everything funny now(take it as a compliment okayy :D)…and I’m glad that you took out ur precious time to go through all my posts….I’m really glad….Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou 😀


      2. That’s alright even if it’s funny..
        I have a life long memory now after this incident so I would surely take it as a compliment😀😉

        And your posts are beautiful.
        Keep going great this same way.

        Keep smiling always.😃

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    1. Soo well said….World is beautiful inspite of all the imperfections and oddities….more to love less to hate….more to appreciate and less to blame….Thankyou you sooo much for going through my work :))

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      1. अगर मैं झूठ बोलूंगा तो गैरत मार डालेगी,
        अगर मैं सच बोलूंगा तो हुकुमत मार डालेगी।

        बहुत होशियार रहना है हिन्दू-मुस्लमां को,
        वरना लड़ाकर आपस में सियासत मार डालेगी।..

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      2. Woaahh! Amazingly written….and its a good time for us to realize that things would be much easier if we take care of eachother rather than being the obstacles in each others life…socially, emotionally, economically or any way possible 👍 🙂

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      1. Truth is they’re all good Antra …I can’t decide …..any poems I try to write end up sounding like Dr Seuss:D:D
        I LOVE these …you can really feel the emotion behind them ….it’s truly a talent you have:)

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      2. Well I guess all of us judge our own work on different standards altogether! I just write what I feel and when it reaches out people and when its appreciated, its a world class feeling,,a feeling I could have never deduced while writing that particular piece! And let me just tell you that you’re amazing at your work….truly! Love ♡ :))

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    1. Hey! Really glad to know that it could inspire you.. This post is very close to my heart as this is the first time I wrote something for myself and this is such an important thing to do, to just say things that you know….Thankyou soo much for being here and leaving these beautiful words…it means alot to me..thanks :))


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