The Impossible Possibility


When I started with this piece the thought was to create something sad, nostalgic and weepy kinda stuff but by the time I finished I realized that it has come out funny :p ….that’s how I add humor to everything I do 😎 Haha! Kidding 😀 But isn’t it funny? :p


28 thoughts on “The Impossible Possibility

      1. No I’m not a professional writer….m just a student….I’ve been doing some freelance writing assignments for the past one and a half year though… But what makes you ask that? 😀


  1. ….. And I possibly thought that Inception was possibly the best possible mindfuck a person can possibly get. Probably seems that I was possibly mistaken for there’s possibly a post by a girl which possibly could be the toughest nut to possibly crack!

    Took me four reads to get the meaning! Whoa! How did you possibly think up this impossibly awesome post?

    Whoa real cool!

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    1. Hahaha! I’m super glad to hear that from you… And I get such ideas because I’m talented (okay I was kidding, but you can make me happy by saying that you’re…Lol) 😀

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