A Mother’s Hug


Sending love to the selfless lovers (mothers everywhere) ❤ :))


43 thoughts on “A Mother’s Hug

    1. Howw sad 😀
      Here it is for you
      There are bad days, bad moods, bad choices, bad moments, bad memories…
      And then there’s a mothers hug that makes one forget everything above :))

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  1. Just now read another touching piece on mother in Gujarati, sharing it.
    મળે, એક ક્ષણ, માગવા મને, મારી જિંદગીની
    મારી બા ના ખોળા માં એક સાંજ માગી લઉં

    – ઉદયન

    આજે કોઈ ને ફરી બા યાદ આવી ગયી,
    ઝીંદગી ની સ્નેહમયી સૌગાત યાદ આવી ગયી.. 🌹🍫Smita

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  2. First says if I get a moment to enjoy my life on demand, I’ll ask for an evening in mother’s lap.
    Second says today again some one has remembered Mom, life’s most lovable gift has sprung up in memory.

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