58 thoughts on “Happiness Calling :))

  1. Wow. Yes very true.. Can get the essence of the words here. Very well written. One day everything would seem perfect, till then we have to appreciate every moment and live with happiness..

    Have a good time. πŸ™‚

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    1. I am highly overwhelmed by your feedback….Truly…and honestly such kind and encouraging words are what works as a pushing force for me to come out with something that can prove to be of little help to any of those amazing people out there….if my words can make one think or to narrow it down even if they can make one smile, my mission is accomplished….Thanks for going through it..Happy time :))

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    1. Was posted on tumblr….and yeah got featured at kushandwizdom….couldn’t have been any better….was an extremely delightful moment for me to have kushandwizdom post my quote :))

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      1. I see thanks for the info. I am a non-SM (Social Media) guy.

        I can see that means a lot to you, but it is just a start I feel, you have a quite lot of talent within you.
        Congratulations for the featured post.

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    1. Yeahh everything finds its way to complications…very much like gravity…just the natural course…but life is more about fighting this gravity and finding your lil beautiful moments amidst an infinite dreadful possibilities :))

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      1. No, gravity is complex not complicated. Life is indeed though fighting the challenges it puts forward. Have written multiple posts on this.

        Glad to see you play with words and concepts. I like that outlook.

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      2. Feel too much like a juggler these days….but I’ll surely make time to go through your posts soon…you’re an amazingly positive person…infect the world with it…best wishes and happy time πŸ‘ :))


  2. Love this thought, Antra. I agree with you. Just one bad act and people are cut off. People forget the 99 good things they do for others for just one bad act.
    Lack of trust in others is a reflection of their own insecurity and thinking everyone is evil because of few bad experiences.

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    1. So well said..alot of times we ourselves add to the complications when on the real side things are quite simple…one’s own conclusions derived from one’s own assumptions without any substantial base tarnishes and weakens relationships…the relationships that are worth keeping, worth the love,trust and even forgiveness….Glad to hear from you…Thankyou :))

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