91 thoughts on “❥The Words behind Words❥

  1. Brilliant!!
    Why this pain has to be in any relationship!! I just don’t understand… There is Ajay’s someone who will put more effort and will suffer the most!

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    1. But at times its better to move out of the pain…Flowers dont blossom on a barren land….where your very basic emotions go unnoticed nothing else will ever make any sense….Thanks for making time for it :))

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      1. thank you so much 🙂
        you are correct i presume..
        i really dont know, but i think i will endure the pain and live with this emotion throughout … only with hope , and faith in the almighty that honesty will be appreciatted some day !!

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      2. Your perspective is beautiful more of the one we find in books and movies….loving someone is important, but self love even more or to say the most important….to know your worth and where your presence matters and where even your absence doesn’t creates a difference….the journey of love begins at loving oneself the way one wants to be loved….your feedback really matters and thanks alot :))

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      3. Very true and well said !
        Often my friends say the same thing that i am being litlle impractical..

        But self loveis an aspect whcih i should focus on because i have almost lost my self worth !!

        It really means a lor 🙂

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      4. One loses worth when one oneself develops that conclusion….but on the real side every single being on this planet embodies a world within…There’s no limit to human intellect…extend a hand towrds your soul and bring it out, let it have a glimpse of all the beautiful things that add to the beauty of the place we live in, and may be then it would be able to make sense of the beauty it holds within….and on a last note I’m there and I care (there are tooo many similar people out there and its a good time to look out for them) :))

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      1. Its a gentle way to convey my outrage on On/Off Love and relationships…Take time, decide,and stay by that either in or out…Thats all about it 🙂

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