Just look at her ♡


They call me a stud. They say that my taste changes with the taste on my tongue (food here! Yeah food) But look at her when she is with me. Look at the smile on her lips, the twinkle in her eyes and the flutter in her heart brimming with joy. It’s real, all real. While in her sight, I’m the one on her mind. Out of sight, I’m still the one and the only one on her mind. Look at her happiness when she is with me. And they call me a stud. So I must be a stud. Yes, I’m a stud! But just look at her when she is with me.

– Antra Chauhan


151 thoughts on “Just look at her ♡

      1. Hey! I really don’t know if I’m good enough to accept that what you just said is true! But I hope it is! Just trying to get better! And you’re a great inspiration behind that! So here is a heartiest Thankyou :))

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    1. Of course we need such studs. Life would be more beautiful with such studs by our side. And I think what the world says really doesnt matter when you know that you couldn’t be any happier with any one else and this is exactly what your heart needs.
      So glad to see a lovely girl like you giving more meaning and depth to my words. Thankyou soo much Pratishtha :))

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      1. Super glad to hear that! Thankyou sooo much for these kind words! It truly serves as a great motivation to keep writing. Wish a sea of smiles your way :))

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    1. Well said Akhila! Your words make it all the more special! And its how you see him that matters, not how rest of the world does. Thankyou for being here!
      And have a great great day :))

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      1. Thankyou soo much Akhila for recognizing my work and clasping the intended meaning behind it. Thats what a ‘creator’ desires for. Its always a pleasure to have you here :))

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  1. Special again. A new perspective with your lovely words.
    You never fail at it 😉 Beautifully written !
    These words sound familiar “Just look at her when she’s with me” 😛
    Now you aint gonna ask me the details . Are you? 😀

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      1. That isn’t the case with guys alone! People often misjudge women likewise too! Where they are judged for being open and genial! But one shouldn’t pay unnecessary attention to it! Be what you want to be! Do what you want to do! The world will always be their to judge and criticize! Not your problem! :))

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      2. You got that right, Antra .
        One thing I am a fan of .. You write of things that nobody thought could make literary sense. Social awareness with such beautiful words ? I say you’re brilliant !

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      3. Oh my god! That is such a good thing to hear! And I can never Thankyou enough for that! But it takes an equally emotionally aware person to understand the thoughts and feelings I’m trying to convey! And you’re that person! Thankyou sooo much for being here and bringing all the good vibes to this place by your kind words :))

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      4. It has always been a pleasure to read you. Will continue to do so. You’ve got every word to me in it’d truest sense. Thank you for being sensible , awesome and entertaining.
        Waiting for more from you :)) No pressure though 😛 😀 JK

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  2. Hey! Hope you’re doing well. I’d like to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the 3-Day quote challenge.
    Please check it out, if you want to do it! Thank you.:)


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      1. Yeah! I just stepped into the guy’s shoes for once and I was amazed to land into a world of truly different perspective and thoughts. And I feel all of us should do that in real life scenarios to get a better idea of the person opposite us.
        Thank you sooo much for all your beautiful words :))

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      2. You see,my next work is going to be like “what does a real man go through” it’s such an interesting piece of art to know about men..cuz we live in a society where women are considered to be fragile and men to be rugged…may be I should do an R & D…Lol 😂

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  3. Antra, I don’t know how, but I missed this one! It’s been a while since you posted, but this one is really very beautifully written. Guys do find it hard to express their feelings, but this one captures it well. Perhaps, only a girl could write something this beautiful and emotionally captivating.

    He must be one lucky guy who has you as his lady, for he wouldn’t have to say anything yet you’d understand him completely! 🙂

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    1. Aw! This is the best thing I have heard here sooo far. I’m sooo sooo glad to know that you could connect to my words and the thoughts behind. And Thankyou sooo much for always bringing in this positive energy to this place. Means alot and I truly appreciate it! Thankyou :))

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