Create a Star


Loving the stars is easy. Anyone can fall for the stars that shine and steal the eyes away. But something that is truly hard-won is loving the night, a night that is dark, mysterious and doleful. The real challenge is in walking into a room full of darkness with your eyes closed and heart open, no rose laden carpet awaits you this way, you’re going to knock at the door and be answered with absolutely no answer, and then you have to keep your pride aside and break the door, feel the walls of the room that are cracked and broken, feel the tears dripping from one end of the ceiling, feel how no one ever bothered to walk that path,  but you have to walk around and run your fingers through the abandoned walls, embrace all its flaws and pour every bit of your love and emotions into the cracks, paint it with the colors of your unconditional love, with all the glitter and shimmer you have. But the long felt pain leaves such a deep  impression onto those walls that it would be hard for it to accept your colors but you have to keep trying one coat after the other and then would come a time when the colors would stay and the walls would hug you back. And it’s going to shine, shine like your star. Yes your star, a star that will be yours with you or without you. You know why? Because it shines in a light that is yours, you created it.
– Antra Chauhan

99 thoughts on “Create a Star

    1. I was quite doubtful about posting it after a break but I’m soo glad to hear that you liked it. And even more glad that I could live up to your expectations! Thankyou soo much for being ever kind…it really counts :))

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  1. Hey Antra, this is thoroughly penned …super enticing with jolts of belief, loved it ….’and then would come a time when the colors would stay and the walls would hug you back’…Damn good !

    Keep posting friend…Enjoy ur day πŸ™‚

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    1. Heyy Saaransh! Reading your comment made me soo happy….soo glad to know that someone could read and interpret it absolutely as intended…..Thankyou soo much for your constant support, it truly helps me to keep going… You enjoy your day, too. :))

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      1. Hey..the pleasure is mine…the way you imagined the dark room and then turned it into a shining one was superb..i guess there is a Deep message in this post…when sometimes to know ourselves we have to dive into our Dark zone..really nice post..

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      2. Your words hv summed up everything in such a beautiful way….and it really makes me happy…Thankyou sooo much for all your words, appreciation and support…means alot to me…thanks :))

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  2. Beautiful thought process,indeed the nights are dark but the one who experienced walking into dark can walk long miles in lights.Even its always a shine after dark nights and you’ll get the stars in night only never in lights.

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    1. That’s so right Prashant….happy to see you here leaving back these amazing words….you’ve got an eye and a heart for every lil thought and emotion I have tried to pen down….Thankyou soooo much…stay around :))

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  3. Aaaaah !! Absolute genius . Nice to see you back after a break.
    I just had to close my eyes and run my fingers through my wall, laden and cold with stories. This is an all new perspective to my love for darkness. How I feel to not see for once, and feel it while i imbibe and get absorbed into the melancholy hidden in those rough, cold- as rough and cold as my own within.

    I can see myself , in hues never imagined before , melting and merging into the dark walls and forging myself as murals of all emotions never expressed, in all shapes and directions …. That, what you wrote is art, like the murals…
    Absolute genius . You are a star !! ❀

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    1. Woahhh! You killed it again with your thoughts and words…..and I’m sooo impressed by how you interpret and relate to the feelings flowing through the other person’s heart, almost everytime….your feedback means alot to me… I truly mean it….Thankyou for the constant support and encouragement buddy….Thankyou :))

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      1. Such is the ecstasy in reading your posts. It certainly disconnects me from my inner self and makes me run the corridors of imagination ….
        Keep writing mate. Its a pleasure to read and be connected with one like you. One of a kind. Thanks to you!

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    1. Aw! I didn’t expect anyone to miss my work..words to be precise…I’m touched…thank you for being that person that you’re πŸ™‚
      PS- I have some drafts, but don’t know when to post πŸ˜€

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      1. Oh ! I certainly did. Was going through your blog and realized its been long. I have your page book marked πŸ˜‰ And been reading your blogs during this journey.

        No pressure. Was just letting you know πŸ™‚

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