102 thoughts on “Weirdly Wired ‘us’ !!!

  1. Hey!! Antra…after a long time,hope you’re doing good..
    True words & in fact its good be little weird provided it brings positive results at end,great leaders & personalities did & doing something different because they are weird.
    Merry Christmas & a great new year ahead to you🎄🎅😊

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  2. Antra, girl …. its so nice of you to have written this. It takes courage to pour out your feelings like this. And like you always did, its beautiful and subtle as ever. As demure as you could have been. I absolutely love how you have written the truth and yet managed to have that bliss felt while its read.
    You are beautiful 🙂 And this, a very sweet gesture. We know what we are talking about 😉

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    1. Of course we do….I’m glad you liked it inspite of the fact that it is sooo simple, non decorated and WEIRD 😀
      I was soo caught up in a schedule of ‘not doing anything at all’, and I’m soooo thankful to you that you pushed me to post something (which is just mindless blabbering I guess and I’m just not being modest)…..sooo thank you sooo v much…..means a lot :))

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      1. Non decorated and weird looks real to me now. You have written ‘yourself’ into words there, what you felt. So its definitely beautiful. This ‘doing nothing schedule’ gets me tired more than ever 😛
        Believe me, real is beautiful and this one ….. V beautiful. Keep writing. Im sure this place needs you !

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      2. You are such a positive person and you bring in such good happy vibes….and I think I can never thank you enough for all your encouraging and amazing words…and this lil place that I have created here undoubtedly needs kind and motivating people like you….THANK YOU :))

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      3. Antra, the feeling is mutual. The vibes, positivity and the energy you spread through your posts is what made me seek more from you. And it means a lot when you consider writing more , I believe, because I asked. It means a heaven of a lot. Im always here, your blog bookmarked on my screen , and your words marked in my thoughts.

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      4. This is sooooo flattering my friend 😀
        You’re are definitely going to make my idea of quitting this place very very very difficult for me and thats very mean of you to do that 😀

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      5. In all probability, my words were meant to flatter the taste of the writer. And don’t you dare quite this place 😛 Or find a way to deliver your words once in a while- or my soul starves for the food !
        I am a mean boy. Took you long to realize that 😛

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      1. Was looking at the blogs i follow..i found yours..i am visiting new blogs regularly, and i forgot that i missed on some old ones. It is great to visit your blog again. Keep reading and writing.

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      2. So glad that you stopped by to notice my work…..thank you for being ever kind and encouraging…truly…and such words would undoubtedly push one to come up with better words and ideas..so Thank you :))

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