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The Impossible Possibility


When I started with this piece the thought was to create something sad, nostalgic and weepy kinda stuff but by the time I finished I realized that it has come out funny :p ….that’s how I add humor to everything I do 😎 Haha! Kidding 😀 But isn’t it funny? :p

A Note to Self ❤

Self love is all we need.

Dear self
This is to tell you that every bit of me loves you, loves you alot, and loves you more than anyone in this world or any world possible. You are amazing..and you are beautiful. Your eyes,are my fav part of you. Not for just the way they look but for how they see, the way they capture such amazing glimpses for me to cherish forever, the way they twinkle, the way they express- love, anger, curiosity, despair and everything possible. And those long undone tresses that flow down like waves….the way you shake your head and it tickles down your back- you giggle right? I giggle with you too. I am the lucky one to see all the seen and unseen versions of you. The way you’ve cried for the littlest things and stood strong through the fiercest blows, all the silent prayers that you make for the ones you love, and all the mischiefs, secrets, ideas, smiles and tears that hit you- nothing of it is hidden from me, my love! My eyes are always on you and my heart always with you, and will always be- Yes Forever. It’s not your journey, it’s our journey. And no matter who is there and who isn’t, I’m always going to be there FOR YOU, not next to you but inside you. Thankyou for all the amazingness shared :))
                                                              With Love

All about the backdrop…..

Stadium, crowd, sun and? And a picture 📷

At times its not really about the things that are meant to be the centre of the crowd and their attention, at times its about the little things which fail to go unnoticed, at times its about the backdrop, at times it is about the things that catch your eyes, your heart and spirits, at times its about the little things that matter, at times it’s about the things that stay in some way… … :))