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Just look at her ♡


They call me a stud. They say that my taste changes with the taste on my tongue (food here! Yeah food) But look at her when she is with me. Look at the smile on her lips, the twinkle in her eyes and the flutter in her heart brimming with joy. It’s real, all real. While in her sight, I’m the one on her mind. Out of sight, I’m still the one and the only one on her mind. Look at her happiness when she is with me. And they call me a stud. So I must be a stud. Yes, I’m a stud! But just look at her when she is with me.

– Antra Chauhan

It’s not a switch, it’s me


I’m not a switch. I can’t let you have the pleasure of a sporadic On/Off game. Either I borrow the brightest light from the brightest star never to return or I’m absolute darkness, a darkness immersed in the world’s black as its white, a darkness that continues  forever and a day long. This is me. I’m neither hiding any thing more nor showing anything less. If you want someone to play your wingless angel, someone to love you to nonpareil tangents I’m here.   And if you want to satiate your demons seeing someone being on a swing for you then you shouldn’t be here. This is your moment. Think, feel, recall, recollect or go by your instincts and decide. You want me to be there for every fraction of moment or permanently hide?

-Antra Chauhan