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This Valentines ♥️

Valentines “This valentines buy the most beautiful flowers for your most beautiful self and carry it around wherever you go as a reminder of the unfathomable beauty you possess, take yourself out on a date, ask yourself these questions and get to know yourself in a way that nobody ever could, get high on chocolates, sweets and desserts (well skip that if you’re on a diet (or may be just have a cheat day!)), make some eternally boundless promises to yourself and live to live those promises every day, hour, minute and second, hug your soul and kiss your dreams & passion, and fall in an infinite, indestructible & irrevocable love with yourself. A love that never fades away, never grows out, never gives up & never let goes. A love that gives in way to so many other kinds of love by showing this world how you should be loved but continues to remain the love that is one of its kind.” –justnotrandom