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The Adventure Run


I’m not your home and I don’t want you to look up  to me for peace and comfort. I want you to look up to me for adventure and fun. I want us to run on the sands of a beach collecting shells and see who hits a bigger number. I want us to land up in tropical rainforests, build canopies and taste the fruits of wilderness. I want us to run on islands and cook with coconuts under the palms. I want us to hold hands and wander in the narrow streets all day long. I want us to play games like ‘who can gobble most of the marshmallow jelly from the tub’. I want us to get into silly arguments and punch you before we finish, okay I’m a girl but you’re allowed to punch me back. I want you to contribute when I bitch about the people I don’t really like. I want us to meet old people at distant places and love them like our own. I want us to laugh and savor the spices of the world. I want us to have glimpses of the glitter dust and the twinkling stars, not in the sky but in the sea. I want us to run and catch fireflies in a dark & gladsome night. I want us to fly, I want us to flow,  I want us to float. I want us to face the sun and relish the shade. I’m your journey, not your home.
~ Antra Chauhan

All about the backdrop…..

Stadium, crowd, sun and? And a picture 📷

At times its not really about the things that are meant to be the centre of the crowd and their attention, at times its about the little things which fail to go unnoticed, at times its about the backdrop, at times it is about the things that catch your eyes, your heart and spirits, at times its about the little things that matter, at times it’s about the things that stay in some way… … :))