You’re Special too


You deserve to be a priority, not just another option on the checklist. And you were ready to be the last? Think again.
– Antra Chauhan 


125 thoughts on “You’re Special too

    1. That’s so true Sumit! No matter how special a person is for us but if that person makes us feel like a nobody then the whole purpose of it is lost! We can spend a few moments with them and feel happy but those moments will never be truly ours and that happiness momentary! Thankyou for adding more value to my post through your ever kind and inspiring words :))

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      1. Yeahh thats right Sumit! We must maintain a distance from such toxic and destructive people! Life is already too complicated! So why to add to the complications :))

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      2. Isliye you know what is my mantra Antra ..

        I motto is, Laugh with everyone but trust none. 😃😃

        What say? Is there anything wrong with being a little selfish for our own happiness? I don’t think so. 😃

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      3. Haha mantra antra!! It rhymes 😀
        There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it Sumit! Keep yourself first, work for your own happiness and a better life! Because if we cant do that bit for ourselves then it would be unfair on our part to expect others to something that even we cant! And as humans are social animals, soo choose people who understand and uplift you and make the journey worthwhile :))

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      1. Hi! No It is not related to poetry! But it has a musical meaning! The second note in classical music is antra! And there is another meaning to it too which means the Core! Yeah thats about my name 😀 Thanks :))

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  1. You never should be !!
    Something that everyone must realise and muster the courage to face. One priority, choice, life, love…. only if all of these means you!!
    ❤ Find one that has none…
    Be with the one who will love you a ton
    For there is someone who thinks you are the one
    Forever, for you ever, forever one. ❤

    Stay awesome, mate 🙂

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    1. Really Well said! Thanks for another valuable feedback :)) I’m sure this would give people just the required energy and direction! Thanks a ton for being here! Have a great time :))

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  2. Nice post, good use of words… But being a priority or not being doesn’t matter much, all that matters is to have you there when the time comes and needs you to be there.

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    1. Well said! Thankyou for giving it a read! And to me it matters, when you’re giving your heart out to something then it’s not unjustified to expect a lil love and concern in return! Looking for someone only when you need them is kind of selfish! One needs to stand for ones people on good as well as bad days! Thats what a real bond is all about!
      Take care :))


      1. I was talking on friendship though, you understood it the other way around but being there always exploits your privacy :p

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      2. No I didn’t! It can be any kind of equation which isnt casual! And having priorities doesn’t necessarily invades ones privacy! Thats my pick on it!
        I appreciate your views! Thankyou :))


  3. Hey,This particular situation is where one breaks the ice between immaturity and maturity.You know we are ignorant to see and accept this face of people who we love ( who no longer prioritise us amidst their chores) but still adhere to them just because of the fact that we love them.I know it’s difficult but it takes guts to accept the fact..Your post made me think of it once again 😊

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    1. Hey! Thats soo true and real. We often see the ones we love through the shades that make them appear special for us. However in this process we forget that we are special too, and I think this is the worst thing one can do to oneself. As for some time you can be happy about the illusive thought that you’re bringing some happiness in the life of your loved one but at some point of time your heart is gonna give up as it needs love too and equally like everybody else. So be kind and love all but never forget to include yourself in it too.
      And Thankyou soooo very much for this detailed analysis. I truly love words and thoughts like these here on my space! Have a great greeeaatt time :))

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    1. Yeah right! I have been caught up in it too. When I find something special I will set my heart down for it right there without giving a thought to how I would be made to feel in return. But its just that with time I realize the difference between toxic people and people who bring something good in you and help you become a better version of yourself. And I’m trying to be better with the choices I make. However no one is perfect, we just learn with time and also have to leave some room for accepting lil quirks of your loved ones. I wish you luck with all the choices you make :))


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