New Beginnings

Hello everyone! I’d start with a sincere apology for being inactive all this while just in case you missed my ‘not so random’ words. If you’ve followed this space for a while you’d know I am a sucker for ideas, thoughts and stories and that’s what this blog was about. I’m still chasing those thoughts but through a different medium and that’d be ART.
Here’s the link to my new Art blog-

You are all welcome in my new world of colours. Let me know how you find it :))

P.S. I hope you all are happy and healthy

A Galaxy full of Beauty ⭐️

With that unconquerable beauty in your soul, cosmic light in your eyes, ocean-deep thoughts in your mind and indestructible love in your heart, you stand there looking around the bunch of meaninglesss stuff aesthetically placed around the glass shelves in that fancy cosmetic store?


Sometimes the question itself is the answer

To all you amazing boys and girls, this is just a reminder that you’re all beautiful people and these worldly decorations will never be enough to match up to the galaxies of beauty that lie within you. If there ever comes a time when you find yourself searching for beauty in the outside world just have a good look into your heart where you’ll find everything you could possibly be looking for.

You don’t buy beauty, when you’re the beauty ♥️

This Valentines ♥️

Valentines “This valentines buy the most beautiful flowers for your most beautiful self and carry it around wherever you go as a reminder of the unfathomable beauty you possess, take yourself out on a date, ask yourself these questions and get to know yourself in a way that nobody ever could, get high on chocolates, sweets and desserts (well skip that if you’re on a diet (or may be just have a cheat day!)), make some eternally boundless promises to yourself and live to live those promises every day, hour, minute and second, hug your soul and kiss your dreams & passion, and fall in an infinite, indestructible & irrevocable love with yourself. A love that never fades away, never grows out, never gives up & never let goes. A love that gives in way to so many other kinds of love by showing this world how you should be loved but continues to remain the love that is one of its kind.” –justnotrandom

Create a Star


Loving the stars is easy. Anyone can fall for the stars that shine and steal the eyes away. But something that is truly hard-won is loving the night, a night that is dark, mysterious and doleful. The real challenge is in walking into a room full of darkness with your eyes closed and heart open, no rose laden carpet awaits you this way, you’re going to knock at the door and be answered with absolutely no answer, and then you have to keep your pride aside and break the door, feel the walls of the room that are cracked and broken, feel the tears dripping from one end of the ceiling, feel how no one ever bothered to walk that path,  but you have to walk around and run your fingers through the abandoned walls, embrace all its flaws and pour every bit of your love and emotions into the cracks, paint it with the colors of your unconditional love, with all the glitter and shimmer you have. But the long felt pain leaves such a deep  impression onto those walls that it would be hard for it to accept your colors but you have to keep trying one coat after the other and then would come a time when the colors would stay and the walls would hug you back. And it’s going to shine, shine like your star. Yes your star, a star that will be yours with you or without you. You know why? Because it shines in a light that is yours, you created it.
– Antra Chauhan

Just look at her ♡


They call me a stud. They say that my taste changes with the taste on my tongue (food here! Yeah food) But look at her when she is with me. Look at the smile on her lips, the twinkle in her eyes and the flutter in her heart brimming with joy. It’s real, all real. While in her sight, I’m the one on her mind. Out of sight, I’m still the one and the only one on her mind. Look at her happiness when she is with me. And they call me a stud. So I must be a stud. Yes, I’m a stud! But just look at her when she is with me.

– Antra Chauhan

The Perfect Partner ♡


You’re not lonely when you have an amazingly adorable dog. His eyes twinkle brighter than any star in the sky. He misses you when you’re not home and waits for you to return. He jumps on every doorbell expecting you, the sad puppy face if it isn’t you and the joy dance if it’s you. The way he struggles with all the mess around to find a place next to you and hints you to hug him and move out for a stroll, the way he chases you all over the place and licks all over your face. He is someone who’ll never say he loves you, but always will. His love for you is self-forgetful, indestructible and timeless. A dog is an unfeigned  lover and his heart, a gem nowhere else to be found. You mean the world to him. And he’ll never let you feel down.
– Antra Chauhan

Summer Breeze


When the fruity fragrance of your hairwash lingers all day long, when you wake up with waved up hair and dare to leave them unbrushed, when just a stroke of kohl saves your day, when you realize that the natural shade of your lips is better than any lipcolor one can buy, when you get a perfectly winged eye liner in just one go, when your flared floral printed dress dances with the wind, when they see you and continue with the same, when they capture your little moments never to be erased, when you enjoy the summer sun with a punch of lemonade that adds to the fun, when strangers look at you and smile, when you are in a playful mood and the day goes just so fine, it brightens up your world for just a moment or may be a longer time 🙂
– Antra Chauhan